About Foodswild

The Company

Foodswild has taken the foraging art to plates across Cornwall as many top chefs started to use this new service at the kitchen door. Eager chefs crowd the back of the van each week to see what is in season. The relationship exists because produce is fresher than through normal supply lines. It hasn't travelled far, it isn't vacuum wrapped or sealed in plastic. Above all, the laid out bunches and boxes show produce that isn't available elsewhere and good chefs are artisans that want to dazzle.

Foodswild have given many talks about foraging and wild food growth. Have answered many questions about cooking with foraged foods. They have gone to lengths to help those willing to learn to gain a greater understanding of their own countries hidden larder especially the seashore. To remind Britons of their edible birthright as well as to enlighten us all as to the protection of all native species whether edible or not.

All of England provides a wild larder for those willing to learn, look and seek out wild food. Cornwall however provides that blend of land and coast mixed with a vibrant restaurant and hotel trade that allowed for Miles to turn his wild food purveying into a viable environmentally sustainable business. This is important as all small steps taken to lower food production impact on the environment are of great benefit all round.

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The Founder

A food experimenter for many years he was naturally led to foraging locally for food stuffs as a child. Miles' nan was a keen forager and got Miles interested in foraging. As a teenager Miles then went on to join the Royal Marine Commandos where his survival skills where enhanced with Marine training and Miles took survival further. All this knowledge has aided Miles to compliment and add to a vast repertoire of knowledge on edibles.

"I remember as a child my Nan feeding us toast with wild mushrooms which she picked as we played in the park. I remember eating the toast, as my Dad entered the room he went nuts at my nan for letting us eat the wild mushrooms. As a child I remember I felt my Dad was wrong and that the natural food Nan had given us felt right to eat."

Miles Lavers

Miles wants to share his passion of foraging and living off the land. That passion is for food and the environment in equal measure for the purpose of understanding wild food in Cornwall and across the country. Miles still feels to this day that foraged food is better than pre-packed that you purchase in the supermarket. A fresher, tastier and healthier food for your palate.

"Suffice to say I still walk into my local Spa 'Stupidmarket' to pick up my daily."

Miles Lavers

Our Products

Feel free to look through images of our products we offer. All the products shown below are available in 100g punnets or 500g sealed bags. 48 hours notice on all orders required due to tide time restrictions on picking ordered produce.